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Midwest Gunstocks is owned and operated by Stephen J. Reynolds. He has been doing custom wood working since he was a young boy. His apprenticeship started at the age of 9 under his Grandfather, W.P. Reynolds, who was a Master Wood Worker out of Pennsylvania. His Grandfather taught Stephen to love his work, not to do this craft for the money.

Now Stephen is an accomplished custom cabinet, furniture and gunstock maker and designer. He has taken his love and passion for wood working and dove into making gunstocks.

Stephen started off as a hunter at the age of 12 and gained a passion for skeet shooting, trap shooting, sporting clay, waterfoul and small game. As he gained more experience with a shotgun, he realized that box guns were not designed to fit all shooters and ages. This allowed him to start to think how he could make the sport better. At that point, he went to work developing a gunstock and forearm that fit to him. This was the beginning of Midwest Gunstocks.

Stephen's gunstocks and forearms have been shipped all over the country. His customers will testify to improved accuracy, less fatigue and more comfort with all the gunstocks he has made for them. His gunstocks and forearms have proven to be some of the best with outstanding results. His gunstocks and forearms have help improve performance whether it be during weekly league nights, registered shoots, hunting outings, and most of all personal goals.

You can count on Stephen to make the best possible gunstock to fit you personally. Please call him with any questions.